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Fire Extinguishers

Portable Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher

Wet Chemical Extinguishers


  • Kitemark & LPCB Certified to BS EN3.
  • All models are tested to clause 9.2 of EN3-7 for use on live electrical equipments.
  • 3L and 6L models come with stylish lancer for easy application high ultra violet resistant polyester
  • coating for extra protection from extremely harsh elements.
  • Polyethylene lined grip operation for corrosion resistance.
  • Easy squeeze-grip operation and all metal handles.
  • Complete with metal brackets (2L models with vehicle brackets)

WETPLUG stored pressure type wet chemical extinguishers are used for cooking oil or fat fires where the spray can create a flame almost immediately. Extinguishment happens while the wet chemical agent reacts with oil to form a soap like film to seal the surface of the oil and cool it down to prevent re-ignition. Get all type of Fire Extinguishers with Sensor Tech.

Don’t use on electrical fire.

Technical Specifications WPWC2 WPWC3 WPWC6
Propellant Type Stored Pressure
Extinguishing Medium Wet Chemical
Agent Capacity (Kg) 2 3 6
Height (mm) 405 435 537
Shell Diameter (mm) 110 130 162
Working Pressure (bar) 9 9 9
Test Pressure (bar) 27 27 27
Full Weight with Agent (Kg) 3.60 5.40 9.60
Discharge Time Approx. Sec 15 20 42
Operating Temp. Range 5°C to +60°C
Fire Rating 8A 34B 25F 13A 70B 40F 21A 113B 75F
Approved to EN3 yes yes yes