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Fire Extinguishers

Portable Water Fire Extinguisher


  • Kitemark & LPCB Certified to BS EN3.
  • All Models except WPW9 are tested to clause of 9.2 EN3-7 for use
    on live electrical equipments.
  • High UV resistant polyester coating for extra protection from
    extremely harsh elements.
  • Polyethylene lined cylinders for corrosion resistance.
  • Easy squeeze-grip operation and all metal handles.
    Complete with metal brackets.

WETPLUG stored pressure water extinguishers are characterized by their high performance, and simple method of operation ideal for tackling freely burning materials such as paper, cloth, wood and furniture. These are good general purpose fire extinguishers and widely used for their cost effectiveness.

Ideal Use:
Schools, Theatres, Apartments, Offices and Dry Goods Store.
Water based Extinguishers are not suitable for life involving electrical risk.

Technical Specifications WPW6 WPW9 WPWA3 WPWA6
Propellant Type Stored Pressure
Extinguishing Medium Water Water Additive
Agent Capacity (Kg) 6 9 3 6
Height (mm) 537 620 435 537
Shell Diameter (mm) 162 182 130 162
Working Pressure (bar) 15 15 15 15
Test Pressure (bar) 27 27 27 27
Full Weight with Agent (Kg) 9.60 14.00 5.20 9.60
Discharge Time Approx. Sec 45 22(Jet Nozzel) 20 45
Operating Temp. Range 5°C to +60°C
Fire Rating 13A 21A 13A 27A
Approved to EN3 yes yes yes yes