Monster Safety Products

Our Monster brand deals with safety products for “motion related” activities, such as vehicular and pedestrian traffic safety. Monster encompasses a wide variety of products, including wheel chocks, warning whips, barricade lights, industrial beacons and strobes, parking lot safety solutions, vehicle identification signs, and composite cribbing. These products are manufactured with the same high quality and sounds methods that allowed us to create the most durable safety solutions in the industry. Our chocks are known worldwide and are a staple of every mine site. As the strongest and lightest chock on the market, the Monster chock makes correct position easy, keeping both people and vehicles safe. Monster whips and signals are long lasting and extremely bright, ensuring visibility and safety. Our parking lot safety solutions, including parking curbs, speed bumps, and speed humps, are designed with premium durable rubber which allows them to outlast and outperform the competition.

Building Safety Materials

Monster™ Parking Lot Safety Solutions include speed bumps, speed humps, parking curbs, and wall guards. Our high-quality speed bumps and parking curbs are available in either high quality rubber, or durable recycled plastic. Speed humps and wall guards feature a premium rubber construction which long outlasts concrete counterparts. Bumps and humps slow down vehicle traffic in parking lots, keeping both those vehicles as well as pedestrians safe. Parking curbs and wall guards offer aesthetic appeals, while simultaneously protecting vehicles and parking structures.

Monster™ Barricade Lights are manufactured in the USA, Including our new line of Sequential Barricade Lights. They combine durability with high efficiency LEDs, which in some models produce 30% more light output than competitive brands. With solar, battery, and bottom-line driven lights available, we have a wide variety of options to suite your needs.