Sanitizing Mats

Covid-19 has taken the world by storm.

While the experts are moving towards finding a cure, keeping ourselves sanitized in all possible ways is the need of the hour.

Sensor Tech brings to you WETPLUG Footwear Sanitizing Floor Mat to disinfect footwears while entering and leaving any place.

Unique Features

  1. Mats of 600 x 450mm holds up to 1.8 Liters of disinfectant solution.

2.  Mats of 600 x 450mm holds up to 1.8 Liters of  disinfectant solution.

Various sizes combinations can be secured by attaching inter lockable mats – made to order

3.  Mats are made of high quality non-permeable EPDM rubber suitable for all weather condition.

4.  5mm raised and beveled edge thus prevent overflowing of the solution.

5.  14mm high round headed pins with reinforced base withstands unlimited scrubbing of footwear sole.

Suitable for entrance and exits of premises like Malls, Offices, Home, Hotels, Schools & gym etc…

6.  Provided with 100x100mm removable pad in the corner for easy drain and cleaning.

7.  Specially designed to prevent spread of COVID19 virus through footwear, also a dust and dirt free premises.

Product Details

Part Number Description Size Appox Wt / Pc
MT 001 Sanitizing Mat 675 mm X 535 mm 3.62Kg
MT 002 Sanitizing Mat + Dry Mat 675 mm X 1110 mm 6.22 Kg
MT 003 Dust Mat + Sanitizing Mat + Dry Mat 675 mm X 1490mm 8.84 Kg