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WETPLUG CO2 fire extinguishers leave no residue after discharge, therefore they are ideal for B and electrical fire risks involving electrical equipments in residential, commercial and industrial environments like computer rooms, data storage centres etc.


  • Kitemark & LPCB Certified to BS EN3.
  • Clean with no harm to machinery equipments.
  • High ultra violet resistant polyester coating for extra protection from extremely harsh elements.
  • Chrome plated valve with pressure release mechanism.
  • Fitted with anti electrostatic hose & horn for effective discharge.
  • Complete with metal wall brackets. Heavy duty brackets for marine and truck applications are optional.

Ideal Use: Chemical manufacturing plant, oil rigs, rail yards, warehouses, construction sites, parking garages, airport, boat and docks, and large laboratories.

Technical Specifications WPC2 WPC2A WPC5 WPC5A
Agent Capacity (Kg) Steel Aluminium Steel Aluminium
Extinguishing Medium CO2
Agent Capacity (Kg) 2 2 5 5
Height (mm) 565 545 745 675
Shell Diameter (mm) 103 111 136 152
Working Pressure (bar) 150 150 150 150
Test Pressure (bar) 250 250 250 250
Full Weight with Agent (Kg) 6.20 5.00 14.40 12.00
Discharge Time Approx. Sec 6 6 9 9
Operating Temp. Range -30°C to +60°C
Fire Rating 34B 34B 70B 70B
Approved to EN yes yes yes yes

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