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Fire Sprinklers

Sidewall Sprinkler

Model: KS805

Standard Coverage, Standard Response, 5mm Glass Bulb, K5.6, 1;2·· Connecting Thread.

UL Listed KSFCO Standard Coverage Horizontal Sidewall Sprinklers are glass-bulb types designed for use in various commercial applications.


KSFCO Horizontal Sidewall Sprinklers launched in year 2020 with standard response and quick response.


The temperature range of 5mm and 3mm glass ball is from 135°F/57°C, 155°F /68°C, 175°F/79°C, 200°F/93°C up to 286°F/141 °C.


1.Frame 2. Button 3.Sealing Assembly

4. Glass Bulb 5. Compression Screw 6. HSW Deflector

Materials List

Component Material
Thread Size NPT1/2•• or BSPT1/2
Nominal Orifice Size 1/2 Inch
Nominal K-Factor 5.6 [US l/80 [metric]
Seat Ring Stainless Steel
Max. Working Pressure 175psig/1.2M Pa [ 12barl
Sprinkler Finish Natural Brass, Chrome Finished or White Painting [RAL901 OJ
Nominal Temp. Rating 135°F/[57°C] 155°F/[68°C]
175°F/[79°C] 200°F/[93°C] 286°F/[141 °C]
Listing and Approvals UL Listed