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Fire Sprinklers

Pendent Sprinkler

Model: KS801

Standard Coverage, Stand ard Res ponse, 5 mm Gla ss Bulb, KS.6, 1/2” Con ne ct ing Threa d .

U L Listed KSFCO Stand ard C overag e Pendent Sprin klers a re g lass- bulb types desig ned for use in various commer- cial applications.


KS FCO Pendent S p rinklers launched in year 2020 with sta nd ard res ponse and quick res ponse.


The tern perat ure ra nge of 5 mm and 3m m g lass ball is from 135° F/57°C, 155° F /68° C, 175”F/79° C, 200°F/93° C up to 286°F/141 °C



  1. frame 2. Butto n 3.Seali ng Asse m bly
  2. G la ss B ulb 5 C a mpressi a n Sc new d. SSP D efle ctor

Materials List

Component Material
Thread Size NPU/2″ or BSPT1/2″
Nominal 0rif/ce Size 1/2Inch
N omi Tal K— Factor 5.6 (U.S.]/80 tmetri c]
Max. Working Pressure 175ps)g/).2VPa l12barl
Spre n k ie r Min sh Natural B rass, C h ro me Finished
o r White Paints n g RAL901 0]
Nominal Temp. Rab in g 135° F/(57°C! 55“F/f68°C
175° F/(79°C! 200“F/f93°C 286° F/(14 °C